Marc Lamont Hill Says He Was ‘Disgusted’ By Judge Joe Brown’s Misogyny After Brown Referred To Cosby Accusers As ‘Groupies’ – The Shade Room

There’s been a lot of public opinion about Bill Cosby’s overturned case but the words of former TV judge Joe Brown left political commentator Marc Lamont Hill stunned during a heated debate.

Hill invited Judge Joe Brown to speak about Cosby’s release on his news show, “Black News Tonight,” and their heated debate exemplified the Black community’s divide over the case.

The near 19-minute conversation had tense-filled moments, specifically when Joe Brown suggested that Cosby’s accusers should be held accountable for their actions because they were groupies.

“They were groupies,” Joe Brown told Hill. “The bimbos come to the party. They hang out, they get drunk, they snort lines of blow and they have a good time. They use the hall closets to give head. The bathrooms to get down, and you go in to get your coat off of the bed and they’re laying on top of it doing somebody. See that’s what that’s about.”

Hill reminded the retired judge that those types of activities have to be consensual. You can watch a portion of that debate below:

But it seems like the last few minutes of their debate were the most troubling for Hill, who later tweeted that the exchange left him feeling “disgusted.”

“I was disappointed and disgusted by his misogyny and apologies for rape culture,” Marc Lamont Hill said about Judge Joe Brown. “I wish I’d ended the interview sooner.”

What are your thoughts about Marc Lamont Hill and Judge Joe Brown’s debate? Let us know.

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