Man Gorilla Glues Cup To His Lips Because He Didn’t Believe Tessica Brown’s Story Was Real—Could Possibly Lose Part Of His Top Lip – The Shade Room

#Roommates, as the country continues to be invested in Tessica Brown’s Gorilla Glue saga—one man was so convinced that her story wasn’t real, that he tried it himself. The man used Gorilla Glue on his lips and thought he could simply “lick it off”…however, that was definitely not the case.

@Newsweek reports, Len Martin glued a paper cup to his lips to prove that the heavy-duty Gorilla Glue that Tessica Brown used in her hair, was not as sticky as she made it seem. Martin said he “thought she was just playing around” and “didn’t think it was that serious.” Unfortunately, he found out the hard way just how sticky Gorilla Glue actually is. Like Tessica, Martin is now warning others not to use it on their bodies, after doctors had to graft off part of his upper lip to remove the cup.

“I was trying to show people that it wasn’t as serious as she [Brown] was making it to be, you know. I thought I could lick it off, kind of, to moisten it and pull it right off, but that didn’t work though. It went backwards, you know,” he told a local news outlet. Doctors performed what Martin described as a “painful peeling” to remove the cup. He will need to keep the area covered for up to three weeks, doctors told him. Additionally, if his lips don’t heal, he could face surgery to remove the tip of his lip, he revealed.

Martin, who is a rapper, denied the stunt and accompanying video were an attempt to gain attention. “I would never want to stick no Gorilla Glue to my lip and have it stuck there.” While he admitted that his Gorilla Glue stunt was not part of the new #GorillaGlueChallenge, he said that stunts like what he pulled are “just a part of social media” and he “didn’t think it was going to go this far.”

He also added, “But if it helps, it helps and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t—but that’s not what I did it for. I don’t want to be sitting up here like this. You’ve got Valentine’s Day coming up; I can’t even kiss my own lip.”


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