Maisy Kay Gets Revenge On The Vampire Who Did Her ‘Dirty’ In ‘Karma Is A B-tch Like You’ Video

For a song born in a moment of ‘rage’ from being stabbed in the back, Maisy Kay gets some much-needed payback – while having a bloody good time – in her new vampire-themed visual.

If they ever reboot the Underworld series, they’ve found their new star. Maisy Kay, one of the rising stars in the pop world, delivers a performance with a bite in the video for “Karma Is A Bitch Like You.” The new track from the UK-born, LA-based singer is a perfect middle finger to anyone who has ever done you wrong. With a surging synth sound, “Karma…” is a jam full of righteous anger and a killer hook, courtesy of Maisy’s powerful voice. With lyrics soaked in tears and stained with blood, Maisy’s new track has ensured its placement on breakup playlists for the years to come.

“I wrote ‘Karma Is A Bitch Like You’ in the midst of rage at being done dirty by someone I cared about,” Maisy shares with HollywoodLife. “I was ranting about my frustration to my collaborator Lukas [“LULOU” Loules], and he got super excited and insisted we had to write a record around it. It was a really fun way to utilize my anger in a healthy way, and by the time I was at the end of recording the song, I’d forgotten why I was upset and just felt like a badass!”

Badass is the perfect word to describe Maisy – not just in her music but also in the accompanying visual. The video for “Karma Is…” sees Maisy fall prey to a lowly vampire. After dying and coming back to life – a perfect metaphor for any breakup – Maisy has only one thing on her mind: REVENGE. After a training sequence, Maisy finally has the strength and the skills to seek retribution against the miserable bloodsucker. O

“My inspiration for the music video started when I went over to my manager’s apartment, and she introduced me to Underworld, which I’ve never seen before, and we absolutely loved it,” Maisy tells HollywoodLife. “We started deciding the treatment right then and there because we thought why not add a little vampire goth feel to an already edgy song about revenge.”

This kind of brilliance and creativity is why Maisy has quickly made a name for herself in the music world. After releasing music in the mid-2010s, Maisy experienced her first big break by contributing lyrics and vocals to Anly’s “Distance,” an overseas smash hit that topped Japan’s Spotify viral charts. This drew eyes and ears to this alluring young talent, and she has rewarded her fans with music that energizes their soul – and makes their bodies want to move out on the dance floor. Earlier in the year, she teamed with R3H4B for a remix of her “Scared Together,” a song that has already racked up more than a million listens on Spotify alone. With more music on the way, pop fans should keep an eye – and an ear – on Maisy. They wouldn’t want to miss what she does next.

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