Loki Season 2: 5 Quick Things We Know About The Marvel TV Show

Are you ready to fulfill your glorious purpose? Because the God of Mischief sure is. 

Loki was a huge hit when it first dropped on Disney+ in the Summer of 2021, becoming the most-watched MCU show on the platform, having a Season 1 ending that led to a lot of questions, and confirming that yes, there would be a second season. Thankfully, we’ve gotten some more news recently on just when Loki Season 2 might be coming out. 

But, who else is going to be in this latest installment in the series about the former Avengers villain? And, when exactly are the next episodes going to air? If you’re like me and you’re asking these questions, here are five quick things we know about the upcoming second season of Loki. 

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Loki Season 2 Will Debut In Summer 2023

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