Lizzo Posts Passionate Video About Continuous Fat-Shaming & The Body Positive Movement—“Fat People Are Still Getting The Short End Of This Movement” – The Shade Room

Roommates, Lizzo is well-known for consistently voicing her opinion about being a body positive supporter and also the hate she receives from critics who think she should lose weight. During a recent video posted to her Instagram account, Lizzo spoke passionately about the body positive movement no longer being for fat people and how critics refuse to let plus size women openly love their bodies.

Earlier this week, Lizzo posted a video of a fan on TikTok, who posted a video asking if people would want to “trade places with someone who was on the heavier side.” She then gave an emotional response to the question that many weren’t expecting.

Lizzo said:

“You would not, because you know that there’s a whole system that oppresses fat people that you do not experience and that you will never experience. So let’s remember body positivity: Yes, we want to end harassment and shame but we also are working to dismantle a system that oppresses fat people.”

She also added that the body positive movement is no longer centered on those who are plus size, as it was initially intended to do. “Now that body positivity has been co-opted by all bodies, and people are finally celebrating medium and small girls and people who occasionally get rolls, fat people are still getting the short end of this movement,” Lizzo stated.


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