Lieutenant Richard Zimmerman, Longest-Running Minneapolis Police Officer, Says The Use Of Force Against George Floyd Was ‘Totally Unnecessary’ (Update) – The Shade Room

Day five of the #DerekChauvin trial took place on Friday. One of the key witnesses, Lt. Zimmerman, was called to the stand and testified that the excessive force against #GeorgeFloyd was unnecessary.

When asked his opinion about the strategy used against George Floyd, he responded, “Totally unnecessary.” Zimmerman continued, “Pulling him down to the ground facedown and putting a knee on the neck for that amount of time is just uncalled for.”

Zimmerman also stated he didn’t see any reason why the police were in fear of their lives. “I saw no reason why the officers felt they were in danger, if that’s that’s what they felt. And that’s what they would have to feel to use that type of force.”

Zimmerman was also asked if the restraint should’ve been stopped once Floyd was on the ground. He replied, “Absolutely.” 

The prosecution also asked Zimmerman about the “prone position,” which is the position Chauvin used on Floyd. “Once you handcuff a person you need to get them out of the prone position as quickly as possible, because it restricts their breathing,” Zimmerman said.

He also explained that being handcuffed “stretches the muscles back through your chest and it makes it more difficult to breathe.”

Zimmerman also stated that he has been trained on the prone position since the 1980’s and has never been trained to put his knee on someone’s back, while they are in that position.

He told the jury that he has been trained in the dangers of the prone position since 1985. But Zimmerman said he has never been trained to put his knee on someone’s neck while they are in that position.



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