Lady Gaga is So Relatable Brushing Her Teeth In Between Takes On ‘House Of Gucci’ Set – Pics

Lady Gaga took a break to brush her teeth on the ‘House of Gucci’ set and got a little help to make sure she didn’t get any toothpaste on her fabulous costume.

Lady Gaga was spotted taking a break between takes on the set of her highly-anticipated film, House of Gucci, using the opportunity to quickly brush her teeth. Relatable, right? Everyone’s has to dash to the bathroom during their quick 15 to freshen up their breath. Well, as relatable as you can be when it comes down to being a multimillionaire pop sensation who has an entourage ensuring you don’t get your designer clothes dirty.

Lady Gaga pauses to brush her teeth on the House of Gucci set, 4/1/21 (Ciao Pix / BACKGRID)

Gaga, who just celebrated her 35th birthday on set in Rome, stars as Patrizia Reggiani, the socialite convicted of hiring a hitman to kill ex-husband, Maurizio Gucci, in 1997 in the Ridley Scott film. Adam Driver stars opposite Gaga as Gucci. Gaga is the spitting image of Patrizia in her fashionable costumes and brown coif. For this shoot, Gaga donned a brown leather skirt, brown stilettos, chunky gold jewelry, a fabulous handbag, and a patterned blouse with a bow at the neck.

House of Gucci isn’t expected to premiere until November 24, 2021, but fans are already obsessed. That’s because of the flurry of photos coming out of the set. One memorable shot showed the “Rain on Me” singer feeding Adam a pastry while filming at the La casa di Gucci Piazza Duomo in Rome. Adam’s struggle to eat the whole pastry looked downright goofy.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga chats with co-star Jack Huston on the House of Gucci set, 4/1/21 (Ciao Pix / BACKGRID)

Along with those antics, Gaga was spotted sharing a passionate kiss with the Star Wars: The Last Jedi star. Fans swooned after seeing the onscreen couple make out on board a yacht in Italy’s Lake Como. Gaga looked so good in her floral mini dress.

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