Kim Kardashian Shares Sweet Post From Quiet Time Before Her Kids Wake Just Days After Sharing Her Early Morning Routine

If you’re not a morning person, it might be hard to imagine any time in the a.m. being a good time if you’re awake. For working parents, though, those wee hours of the morning might just be the only ones they get to really have some moments to themselves, and it turns out that that’s true for SKNN BY KIM founder and The Kardashians star, Kim Kardashian. The super-busy mom of four manages to get some me-time first thing in the morning, and she’s now shared a sweet post of those quiet moments just a few days after discussing her early morning routine.

What Does Quiet Time Look Like For Kim Kardashian Before Her Kids Wake Up?

There is basically no world in which one who pays even the slightest bit of attention to Kim Kardashian would think that she has loads of free time. And, it was just a few days ago that Kardashian opened up about how she takes advantage of early morning hours to make sure that her whole day isn’t go-go-go. Now, she’s shared a lovely post on Instagram that shows what her quiet time looks like:

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