Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Still Not On The Same Page About Kids Or Money, And Now There’s Another Divorce Setback

Though Kim Kardashian is legally single at this moment, she’s still not divorced from her ex Kanye West entirely. It’s been nearly two years since the reality star technically filed for it, but the former couple’s disagreements over their prenup agreement and who should get primary custody of their four kids has delayed matters significantly. Furthermore, the notorious rapper can’t seem to hold down the legal representation long enough to expedite things – his fourth attorney, Samantha Spector, stepped down in May, citing a communication breakdown. Now there’s been another divorce setback for West.

According to reporting by Rolling Stone, the judge in their case officially recused Spector as Kanye West’s lawyer during a hearing on August 5. Consequently, it appeared as though he had no representation at the proceedings, despite previous reports indicating that he had immediately employed a new attorney named Deborah Hong. Nevertheless, the judge decided at the same hearing to move forward with or without the 45-year-old by granting his ex-wife a December 14 trial date to finalize their prolonged divorce.

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