Kevin Hart Called Out WWE’s Brock Lesnar, But Could They Actually Face Off In The Ring?

Kevin Hart and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson are an iconic pairing in and out of Hollywood (even if some believe their friendship is a hoax), but they obviously don’t do everything together. For example, The Rock had a massive wrestling career in the WWE long before he and Hart ever shared scenes together. That could change though, as a recent interview between the two featured Hart calling out WWE giant Brock Lesnar in a way that makes me wonder if they could eventually face off in a ring, as wild an idea as that might be. 

The world knows Kevin Hart for many things, but pro wrestling isn’t one of them, so it was a bit weird to hear him calling out one of the baddest men in sports entertainment all of a sudden. While this could obviously just be two actors riffing and having a good time during an interview, I’m definitely wondering (and more than a little hopeful) about the potential to eventually see Hart and Lesnar squaring off in a WWE wrestling ring.

How Kevin Hart Humorously Called Out Brock Lesnar

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