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If you’re a music lover then you understand the joy of cutting on a new track or album. Well, like our good sis Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar has left us to continue finding joy in a “oldie but goodie” project. His album ‘DAMN.’ is arguably one of the hottest ever—that is according to all the outstanding accolades it has racked up over these last four years.

The artistry of the album is seen in Kendrick’s layered and repetitive lyrics as well as the simplistic presentation of the album as a whole. Each song, like the album name, is titled with a single, uppercase word followed by the period punctuation mark. The album cover showcases Kendrick wearing a white tee while sporting a distracted look on his face. Across the top of the cover, the album name is spelled out in thin, bright red letters.

Whatever messages Kendrick intended to impart with this masterpiece were felt strongly and subsequently acknowledged with streams and awards. The year 2018 was especially huge for Kendrick’s last solo project. In May 2018, the entire ‘DAMN.’ album earned the triple platinum status with the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). That same year, all 14 songs on ‘DAMN.’ were certified platinum or multi-platinum by RIAA, according to reports by Billboard. Currently, the track “LOYALTY.” boasts a double platinum status. ‘LOVE.’ is four times platinum. ‘HUMBLE.’ is seven-times platinum. The list goes on.

Back in January 2018, Kendrick loaded up on Grammy Awards for this album, according to their official site. He earned an award for Best Rap Album. The song ‘HUMBLE.’ gave Kendrick three Grammy Awards, including Best Rap Performance, Best Rap Song and Best Music Video. He also won Best Rap/Sung Performance for ‘LOYALTY.’

With ‘DAMN.’ Kendrick also became the first hip-hop act to win the highly prestigious Pulitzer Prize for Music in 2018. They described the project as “a virtuosic song collection unified by its vernacular authenticity and rhythmic dynamism that offers affecting vignettes capturing the complexity of modern African-American life,” says the Pulitzer Prizes site. The prize was $15,000.

Not sure how the rapper plans to top this award-winning album, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Roommates, are you anticipating Kendrick’s next project?

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