Keep Your Workspace Organized With This Laptop Riser That Has Storage Space & Is Under $50

Is your work from home station becoming a bit messy? This computer-rising stand could keep your workday essentials organized while also improving your posture & it’s only $30!

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Although working from home definitely has its benefits, it’s also easy to let your work station in your living room, office or wherever, become a little messy. Luckily for those of you who could use a hand in keeping your work environment clutter-free, we found this amazing, foldable, rising monitor stand that is just what you need. Not only can it raise your monitor, but it’s got built-in storage to keep everything you need in one specific place, too. It’s really got it all! Wondering what such a life-changing accessory might cost? Well, it’s only $30 – believe it or not.

Shop this foldable monitor stand with compartments here for just $30!

Goodbye, clutter! Hello, organization! This adjustable and foldable monitor stand is about to upgrade your work from home routine from messy to orderly, in so many ways. It’s adjustable in three different widths, 16.5 inches, 18.5 inches, and 20.5 inches, you can move the stand however high or low you need to suit your needs and comfort. If you’re a stander-upper while working (I know I am), extend the stand to the highest width so you can stand as you type away on your laptop. If you need a sitting break, bring it down a few widths and have a seat as you continue to work. Whatever your preference, the foldable element allows you to keep the stand at whichever height you need without any hassle. 

One of the true beauties of this computer stand is that it really is adjustable to whatever your height or work style may be. It’s very common nowadays to have a stand-up desk or some form of ergonomic seating arrangement to help improve posture and to avoid neck and back stress. This multi-functional monitor stand lets you keep your monitor comfortable right at eye level, whether you’re standing or sitting, which prevents any strain on the back and neck which, unfortunately, comes with working all day in front of a computer. The stand comes with a non-slip mat, too, so no matter the surface you place it on it will stand firm and in place as you use it, without sliding all around. Whether it’s being used on top of your kitchen counter or a desk in an office, it’s not going anywhere!

We’re well aware that a stand-up desk option has been around for a little while, but this monitor riser is different than the rest. Instead of rigging up a massive, clunky stand-up desk right in your living room, this computer stand is well-sized and can fit easily atop any surface so you can save more space. Worried that won’t be able to hold your hefty, solid-metal computer monitor if you don’t work on a laptop? Fear not! This monitor riser is totally sturdy and has a stable ABS platform, plus a metal hinge, so it can easily hold up to 55 pounds. Whether you plan to use the stand for your Apple desktop computer, laptop, or even a printer, you don’t need to worry about the entire thing falling apart. Go about your workday with a monitor stand that’s wobble-free, and completely trustworthy!


Saving the best for last, this monitor stand doesn’t only adjust up and down for you to stand up or sit down throughout your day. One of the stand’s best features is the phone holder and the built-in storage drawer. For your convenience, the stand set comes with a phone holder that’s also large enough to hold a tablet, so you can keep either your phone or tablet propped up and in a convenient position that’s out of the way as you work. Plus, the stand comes equipped with a pen holder and also one small storage drawer to store anything that you use throughout the day – from sticky notes to paper clips, and more! With all of these features, this stand makes for a completely organized working station, no matter where you’re working from.

Without breaking the bank or having to set up a large, obnoxious stand-up desk in your home, check out this amazing rising monitor stand today. So many pleased customers have given this stand a 5-star rating for ergonomics, sturdiness, value for their money and so much more. For only $30, make your work from home set up more organized, efficient, and downright healthier with this popular, all-in-one rising monitor stand. Working from home has become the new normal for many of us, so while we’re at it, why not do it in comfort and with ease? Give this monitor stand a shot – we promise you will not regret it!

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