Julia Rose Reveals Why She Changed The Hollywood Sign To ‘Hollyboob’ & Teases More Pranks

‘Hollyboob’ prankster Julia Rose spoke to HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE interview about why and how she pulled off the wild stunt on Feb. 8th.

After streaking at the World Series, founding her own online magazine and starting her own popular podcast called ‘The Shit Show,’ Julia Rose has added another line to her resume: successfully changing the iconic Hollywood sign to read ‘HollyBoob.’ On February 8th, Julia and five others were arrested after they placed a large B over the W, after sneaking into the steep terrain that overlooks Tinseltown. “I remember driving up and seeing it as we were making the drive up to the sign, and it was almost like that feeling of a roller coaster…and you’re about to take the drop and I love that feeling,” Julia looked back to the moments prior to the prank in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HL. “I definitely I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

The ShagMag founder and CEO told HL that she was inspired to take on this prank after “the heat of the World Series had kind of died down” and she was kicked off Instagram. “My Instagram with over 5 million followers and my business Instagram with almost 1 million followers ended up getting disabled earlier this year, with claims of nudity, but I’m not doing anything more than Playboy is doing,” Julia explained. “I just was wondering why were my accounts being targeted? So I did this to get the attention of Adam Mosseri and Instagrams attention, to ask why are you trying to censor smaller businesses and not bigger name companies? If you’re going to treat it fairly, you should treat them fairly across the board.”

The businesswoman has yet to hear from Adam or Instagram, but she did receive a shocking response from Facebook. “The only feedback I’ve gotten from Facebook so far is to label myself as a male the next time I create an account so that I wouldn’t get taken down,” Julia claimed. “Men are allowed to be topless and shirtless on Instagram. So, I guess you label yourself as a man and you show more skin than I guess the algorithm doesn’t pick up on it?”

The prankster added that she is fighting this fight for not only herself, but other women and the future of women. “I feel like if someone doesn’t do something about it soon, it’s going to continue to be a problem. And there’s going to be another girl who is sitting in my spot, you know, months, years from now dealing with the same issue,” she said.

When it comes to her next stunt, Julia said there’s “always something” up her sleeve. “It’s just how to one up this,” she laughed. “You know, I think it’s just like, where do we go from here now?”

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