Judge Mathis Says He’s Back Flying Commercial Because Private Flights Were Cutting Into His Grandchildren’s College Fund

Judge Greg Mathis is embracing living within his means so that he can give something to his grandbabies.

The popular TV judge is known for his tough love and expertise in law but he also uses his platform to teach fiscal responsibility.

The 61-year-old who hails from Detroit shared a selfie Sunday on board a commercial flight. Though he’s likely made a decent fortune being a television court show arbitrator, he shared that he chooses to fly commercial over pricey private flights so that he can help fund his grandchildren’s college education.

So if you see Judge Mathis on your next flight, you can’t be too surprised as he opened up about his financially responsible choice.

“Back flying commercial,” the TV judge wrote in his caption. “Those private planes were taking my grandchildren’s education expenses. I always choose financing college for future generations over personal convenience for myself.”

Judge Mathis was lauded for his decision, with many Roommates expressing their appreciation for his candor and sacrifice for his babies.

“Real parents make sacrifices, and grandparents love the hardest!!,” one Roommate wrote.

“No need to explain how you spend your money to someone that can’t even match it,” said another.

Celebrity jeweler Ben Baller even chimed in to confirm just how expensive those private flights really are.

“People forget a private jet round trip form LA to Miami is $75,000. To Asia around $250,000-$300,000 (and the worst possible scary experience with turbulence and maybe having to stop and refuel) don’t be surprised to see me on commercial and I rent a jet often. Save your $$$$ unless this is nothing for you,” he said.

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