Jeopardy EP Details The Change He Asked Mayim Bialik To Make In The Name Of Authenticity

Jeopardy! seems to finally be settling into some consistency after a couple of years of upheaval. Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik have been named permanent co-hosts of the game show following Alex Trebek’s death in 2020, and Michael Davies took the reins as executive producer after Mike Richards was fired. It’s been a huge adjustment for the staff and viewers alike, as the Emmy-winning game show finds its footing. And recently, Davies explained one of the very first changes he asked Bialik to make as the host, after he felt the show was being inauthentic.

On the Inside Jeopardy! (opens in new tab) podcast, executive producer Michael Davies discussed one of the first changes he made when he took over, and it had to do with the way host Mayim Bialik acknowledged longtime announcer Johnny Gilbert during the show’s introduction. Davies said: 

One of the things I noticed first of all, though, in watching it was one of the first changes I made when I came in. Mayim would walk out, and she would look over toward Johnny Gilbert and say, ‘Thank you, Johnny,’ and then turn to the camera and deliver the open. Now, Johnny — I don’t know if this is a big reveal to the audience — Johnny isn’t there in the audience. For anybody coming to watch us tape Jeopardy! right now… Johnny isn’t there in the studio.

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