How Netflix Is Shaking Up Its Release Schedule With Guillermo Del Toro’s New Horror Show

For horror fans, the Halloween season tends to be the best time of the year, thanks to all the fun and freaky movies and TV shows geared for October releases. Netflix subscribers are getting one of the most intriguing genre debuts of the year in the form of the anthology Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities. The project features a boffo array of stars and celebrated horror directors, and Netflix unveiled a new trailer that gives potential viewers a better idea of what to expect from the eight different stories. But arguably more interesting than the disturbing first looks is the fact that the streaming service is trying out something new with Cabinet of Curiosities’ release schedule. 

While Netflix has always been known for its binge-first approach to how its TV series are released, Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities will be one of the rare exceptions when it debuts in October. Rather than dropping all eight episodes on one day, the platform is releasing two creepified installments per day over a four-day stretch. It’s not the wildest move by any means, but it could indicate bigger changes in the future in regards to how its original series are handled.

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