G Herbo May Have Accidentally Revealed On Instagram That He & Taina Williams Are Expecting A Baby Boy – The Shade Room

Roommates, very shortly Taina Williams and G Herbo will be the proud parents of their first child together—but G Herbo may have spoiled some very big news. While on Instagram live, G Herbo and Taina were together and as he was caressing her baby bump, he repeatedly referred to their impending bundle of joy as “he.”

G Herbo jokingly said “I ain’t gon’ lie, as soon as we in the delivery room, as soon as he come out Imma slap him.” To which Taina quickly responded, not you on here telling my gender.” Apparently, G Herbo didn’t realize what he said—but all of his IG followers certainly heard him loud and clear.

As we previously reported, G Herbo has had a similar case of loose lips earlier this year, when he did the same thing back in February, but let it slip that he and Taina were expecting a little girl instead.

During that IG live, there were several instances in which Herbo referenced his relationship with Taina and it was believed he was under the influence because he was talking a bit too much. At one point, G Herbo said the following, “See my daughter gon’ be my soft spot so I’mma walk in…”

Right after he said it, he awkwardly paused and it appeared he was aware that he may have said too much. Fast forward to the present and G Herbo is saying the opposite. At any rate, we’ll find out what he and Taina are having sooner than later.


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