Fans Think Sexy Video Of Ari Fletcher Was Subtle Shade Toward Megan Thee Stallion, Meg’s Friend Responds (Video) – The Shade Room

Ari Fletcher is starting the new year off doing what she knows how to do–flaunt her curves and keep it cute.

After having an icy Christmas in which she was showered with gifts by her man, Moneybagg Yo, she took Instagram Wednesday to show off her assets.

In a video she posted to her page, Ari showed fans what she was working with in a Fashion Nova fit with a Birkin bag alongside her.

Off camera, celebrity stylist and Ari’s bestie Arrogant Tae can be heard narrating Ari’s moves while hyping his girl up.

“This bodysuit is Fashion Nova,” Ari says as she crouches down to show the camera her booty. Tae immediately responds, “And it’s giving…” to which Ari replies, “And it’s giving body.”

Tae follows what Ari said with, “body-ody-ody,” quoting Megan Thee Stallion’s popular hit “Body,” which took social media by storm over the holiday but before Tae could continue his hype session, Ari shut that down real quick and replied Tae saying, “just body.”

Ari’s fans flocked to her comment section as well as ours saying they caught her shade by making sure not to associate herself with Megan Thee Stallion.

If you missed the tea, then we’ll catch you up. Ari hasn’t been much of a Meg fan since she started dating Moneybagg Yo, who just happens to be Megan’s ex.

Among the people who perceived Ari’s little message as shade was one of Megan Thee Stallion’s best friends, Hot Girl Daren.

Daren and Megan have been longtime friends and Daren has been one of Meg’s vocal supporters following her shooting and subsequent fallout with ex-bestie Kelsey Nicole.

So it came as no surprise when Daren stepped into The Shade Room and came to Meg’s defense for the perceived shade she caught by Ari.

Daren commented, “‘just body’ cause it ain’t real.”

While Ari didn’t directly gun for Daren, she did throw up a subtweet following Daren’s comment.

“Don’t be messy and miserable this year. And if you choose to be, leave mue out of it,” Ari tweeted.

Looks like Ari Fletcher could be exhibiting some growth here or maybe she just didn’t want to indulge in the drama today. Either way, we’ll keep you posted.

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