Faith Evans Recalls Breaking Up With Stevie J After Discovering He & Joseline Hernandez Were Still Dating When They First Got Together (Video) – The Shade Room

On an episode of “Behind Every Man,” Faith Evans and Stevie J discussed their marriage. As you know, the two briefly dated and broke up, but would eventually get back together and wed.

In the episode, Faith discussed why the two initially broke up. She explained that it was because he was allegedly still dating his ex and mother of one of his kids, Joseline Hernandez.

Faith stated, “I wasn’t quite sure whether or not he was still involved with this ex. So, you know when you kind of told me you guys weren’t together and then shortly thereafter finding out that you still kinda were, I think that’s probably when I stepped away because I’m not a man stealer, a homewrecker, you know.”

Faith was adamant about keeping their friendship intact. “This was the main thing, if you’re not really serious, please don’t do this to our friendship.”

If you recall, Faith and Stevie J had an altercation in 2020 and she was arrested. Stevie exclusively spoke with The Shade Room and stated, “That’s my wife and I love her! I’m not going anywhere!” he expressed when asked about the current status of their marriage.

When asked about how they would move forward, he stated, “God’s got us.”

As you know, Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez were first introduced to the world in 2012 as stars of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. The two would go through their fair share of drama with Mimi Faust, his former long-term girlfriend and also mother of one of his kids.

Stevie J and Faith Evans tied the knot in 2018.

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