Doctor Who’s David Tennant Teases More 60th Anniversary Surprises That Fans Don’t Know About Yet

Doctor Who’s creative team is continuing to work on the upcoming 60th Anniversary celebration, with fans already knowing only a bit of what to expect. Fans were over the moon to hear former Doctor David Tennant will return alongside Catherine Tennant for a new adventure, and that Neil Patrick Harris is playing a mysterious villain. Some, however, are a bit miffed that we’re hearing about all of these big reveals well ahead of the special’s debut, but David Tennant attempted to put some of those fears to rest while speaking at a recent event. 

David Tennant took the stage at Fan Expo Boston to answer fan questions, and he talked briefly during his panel about returning to Doctor Who for the beloved sci-fi staple’s 60th anniversary. Tennant mentioned that the franchise necessarily needed to announce his return early due to filming taking place in very public locations, but teased that there are still plenty of surprises in store for fans beyond what we know already, saying:

We were slightly unfortunate, or fortunate in that we were filming some scenes that were in the public. So, it had to be admitted that we were in it. Most of what’s been filmed with other people has all been inside. So, there’s lots more coming than people think, which is exciting.

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