Diddy And Joie Chavis Were Caught Lockin’ Lips In Italy! (Exclusive Photos)

Summer may be officially over, but things are definitely still heating up between Diddy and Joie Chavis after they were spotted kissing and cuddling on his mega yacht in Capri, Italy.

As you know, Diddy was out in Italy being a family man, celebrating his daughters walking in the D&G fashion show in Venice. Once the show was over, looks like Brother Love took his talents to Capri, where he and Joie enjoyed some quality time together. In the photos you see Diddy & Joie laughing, cuddling, kissing and speaking intimately while they enjoy their getaway. As you know, Joie is the mother of Bow Wow’s daughter, Shai and Future’s son, Hendrix.








Earlier this year, we sat down with Bow Wow & he told us he actually learned how to be a family man because of Diddy. In our exclusive interview he went on to say:

“My children’s moms – they can call me for anything and I’ma get it done. If they out of town, if they in Miami, they need something, they want to go to… No matter what it is. If it’s a function going on and they need to get in with they girls, I’ma set it up. Sections, done – bam, there it is. And we family. And I think that’s important. And I got that from Puff. He taught me a lot being around him, watching how he moves. I’m always asking him questions like, ‘How do you do it? How? How?’ It’s a blessing. And it works well when it’s like that. It’s a family thing. I love them both and I’m just happy that I got two good ones on my side. I’m done after this. No more for Bow.” Check out the interview clip below:


Now if we really wanted to play 2 degrees of separation, let’s not forget Diddy was dating Lori Harvey right before she began dating Future. And as far as Diddy and Bow Wow, well… they go wayyyyy back.

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