CNN President Jeff Zucker Steps Down After Failing To Disclose His Consensual Relationship With A Fellow Colleague

It has been two months since Chris Cuomo has been terminated from CNN, and now his name has resurfaced once again. However, this time he is being mentioned after CNN’s president Jeff Zucker stepped down from his position after failing to disclose the romantic relationship that he had with a fellow colleague, Allison Gollust.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Zucker mentioned that during the investigation into Chris, he was asked about the relationship with Allison. To which he acknowledged within that moment. However, he failed to disclose the relationship when it first began. His failure to disclose the relationship during its origins led him to resign from his position.

“I am grateful to the thousands of incredibly talented CNN and Turner Sports employees who helped make this such a joy for me, and such a success for all of us,” he said.

Although Zucker did not name the colleague, according to CNN, it was revealed that the relationship was with the chief marketing officer for CNN, Allison Gollust. She spoke out in a memo and said, “Jeff and I have been close friends and professional partners for over 20 years. Recently, our relationship changed during COVID. I regret that we didn’t disclose it at the right time. I’m incredibly proud of my time at CNN and look forward to continuing the great work we do everyday.”

As previously reported, Chris Cuomo was suspended from CNN after he helped his brother Andrew Cuomo amid his sexual harassment scandal. Shortly after he was terminated at CNN after an investigation was conducted.



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