Charlamagne Tha God Says “Skill-Wise” J. Cole Isn’t On The Same Level

Charlamagne Tha God has been on a roll on his “Brillant Idiots” podcast over the past couple of days. Earlier this week he shared a clip from the podcast where he said the Drake era was over, and now, he has shared another clip saying that J. Cole isn’t on the same level as Drake and Kendrick Lamar skill-wise. 

Charlemagne said: “You would have to put Drake and Kendrick [Lamar] in the greatest of an all-time combo, right? When you play in that era when you come out in that class with GOATs of that caliber, and even J. Cole. Cole got rings, but– I don’t put him on the level of Drake and Kendrick. I don’t even put Drake on the level of Kendrick. Skill-wise. Cole is dope. Cole is amazing. I’m not taking anything away from him. He’s a hall of fame all-star.”

He continued, adding “All I’m saying is it’s a difference between what a Kendrick does and what everybody else does to me. But guess what? Some people may say that some people may have Drake the way I have Kendrick and say everybody else is after him, but my point with saying that is those two guys are such GOATs that they make everybody else look almost normal. Charles Barkley looks normal to a Michael Jordan.”

When speaking about Drake, Charlamagne said, “Drake has given us so much music that I don’t know if he has another gear. We know Kendrick has another gear. He shows us that with every project. Drake has given us so much. I don’t know if he has another gear, so, therefore, I’m not looking forward to anything. Let me ask y’all a question: are we still in the Drake era?”

He continued saying,” Or is radio such a prehistoric form of media that it hasn’t changed the temperature to what’s actually going on out here in these streets? It still feels like we’re in a Drake era– I don’t think we’re in a Drake era, I don’t think we’ve been in a Drake era for the past three or four years.”

Fans left several comments disagreeing with his opinion. So when he made his claims about J. Cole, they were going hard on him once again. Charlamagne explained that J.Cole is amazing, but it’s a difference when putting him against Kendrick and Drake.

Roommates, what are yall thoughts on this?

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