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As many of you know, last month was Bobby Shmurda’s official release home after spending almost seven years behind bars. During his sentence, his fans continued to show their support as they helped to keep his music alive while anticipating his release.

One outstanding joke that developed throughout the years was that in his music video for “Hot N*gga,” he threw his New York Knicks hat up in the air and it never came down. People would joke and say that as they anticipated his return home, they also anticipated the return of his New York Knicks cap as well.

Recently while on Instagram Live with Rowdy Rebel, Bobby laughed and joked that the hat is officially back as he was spotted wearing the gray Knicks cap.

Now we can’t confirm if it’s the exact hat from the music video, but the concept of the hat “coming back,” has added to the excitement of him dropping new music.

One person said, “Bobby Shmurda got his hat back. This is the turning point the world needs.”

Another person joked and said, “Balance has been restored in the universe. Bobby Shmurda done found his hat.”

Needless to say, that one moment with his Knicks cap became an unexpected staple within his music career thus far.

As we previously reported, when Bobby was released last month he spoke with GQ and reflected on the things he missed out on while in prison. One thing was watching his godchildren grow up. In the interview, he said, “I left my god kids. They were four or five when I used to take them all to the store. Now it’s been seven years. I used to lie to them, say I was on tour, but kids are smart. I missed out. Even that little half-decade of their lives is important to me.”


Now that he’s home and reunited with his loved ones, fans are anticipating for him to drop his first record.



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