Big Brother Season 24 Just Crowned Its First HOH, And Revealed A Puzzling Twist

Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Big Brother Season 24 premiere. Read at your own risk!

Big Brother finally kicked off Season 24 with a live move-in special, and fans and Paramount+ subscribers got their first look at the new season of Houseguests. They also learned all about the BB Fest and the power of the Backstage Boss. We also saw the first Head of Household of the season take their position, and take on the massive responsibility of picking the first person to potentially leave the house. 

Unfortunately, the new twist is a bit puzzling and may take some talking out to understand. Let’s break down all the details of the episode below, and try to figure out the weirdness behind the Backstage Boss and the Backstage Pass

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Daniel Durston Won The Week 1 HOH 

Elvis impersonator Daniel Durston is the first HOH of Big Brother Season 24 and defeated Matt Turner and Monte Taylor for the rights to that beautiful room. Typically, all eyes are on the first HOH and what they may do to get blood on their hands, but fortunately for Daniel, he might have an easier road than others. Thanks to the Backstage Boss, the person who goes home might not be someone he nominates at all. 

Pooch on Big Brother

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Pooch Is The Backstage Boss 

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