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Bernie Sanders is not here for Mitch McConell and him denying the $2,000 stimulus check.

The 79-year-old took to Twitter to get him together. Bernie tweeted, “All of a sudden Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans are worried that someone in America might get a $2,000 check ‘who doesn’t need it.”

He continued, “Funny. They had no problem giving a $1.4 billion tax break to Charles Koch and his family with a net worth of $113 billion. What hypocrisy!”

Yesterday, he also tweeted that Mitch McConell “has the right to vote against this legislation. But he should not have the right to block a vote.”

As you know, the House voted to approve the $2,000 stimulus checks but the GOP-led Senate rejected it.

On Monday, the House voted to increase stimulus checks from $600 to $2,000.

While some Republicans were opposed to more spending, others joined in and voted for the bill.

“Republicans have a choice: Vote for this legislation or vote to deny the American people,” House Speaker Nancy stated.

The $600 agreement was a compromise with Republicans over the big year-end relief bill that included $900 billion in COVID aid and $1.4 trillion to fund government agencies.

“The bill will deliver long-sought cash to businesses and individuals and avert a federal government shutdown that otherwise would have started Tuesday, in the midst of the public health crisis,” according to The Associated Press.

According to CBS News, while Trump did sign the bill in the 11th hour, unemployment benefits lapsed just 18 hours before.

An estimated 12 million Americans lost their unemployment assistance after two key government programs authorized by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, or CARES Act, expired on December 26, according to a study released last week by The Century Foundation, a progressive think tank.”

As you know, some people have already started to receive the $600 checks. You got yours, Roomie?

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