Batgirl’s Cancellation Means 3 Important DC Firsts Won’t See The Light Of Day

Early this month, DC fans were dropped a huge bombshell in the form of Batgirl getting cancelled by Warner Bros. despite roughly $90 million being spent on the project and the movie already being filmed. Not only is this a huge and unprecedented surprise for the studio, the decision hurts a few major strides in the representation of a number of minority groups for a movie that certainly would have been seen by many, whether it was released theatrically or directly to HBO Max subscribers

Let’s talk about the fallout in diversity the cancellation of Batgirl took a hit with. It’s something that Kevin Smith recently ranted about, calling it “an incredibly bad look” for the studio. And this goes not only for the creatives involved, but the many fans who could have seen themselves with Batgirl’s release.  

Batgirl And Afro-Latina Representation 

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