Asian Doll Subtweets A Woman Previously Linked To King Von On Twitter

It seems like the drama between Asian Doll and women previously involved with her former boyfriend King Von never ends. Today she subtweeted a woman named Jamiyah for hours after Jamiyah tweeted that Von was her sneaky link. In a series of tweets, Jamiyah wrote, “If my pu**y was weak, why he kept cheating on you stupid man.” She then spoke about Asian tweeting how she wanted to have a baby with Von. “Didn’t even want a baby by you. You were scared it was gonna be ugly, WTF” Jamiyah tweeted.” Stop stunning for your fans, girl. He left you!”

Asian tweeted, “It sucks these bi***es ain’t got s**t to show for, damn bi**h. Did you make him buy you a bed at least? Just a Plan B, hug, and a juice. On gang ain’t none of you h**s fu**ng with me, you hear me not one of you…” She continued tweeting, “ I’m blessed in real-life f**k y’all.” Asian also claimed that Von gave her $50K, a ring, and a house, which Jamiyah quickly shut down.

Jamiyah claimed that Von didn’t give her those things because it would’ve been posted on Instagram if he did. She alleged that Asian had an abortion by tweeting, “Even though I never took a Plan B, you had to get abortions and crackers. Go talk to them fake a*s spirits. Go make a hit before you get hit.”


Things didn’t stop there. Jamiyah also alleged that Asian had relations with 600 Breezy, which she shut down, saying that the only man that can say she had relations with is Von. Asian said that she was Von’s wife and retweeted a video with Von saying the same thing to support her claims.


It’s only been 3 months since Von’s death. Many feel like it’s been too much drama around his name and that women are using it for clout. Akbar V stepped into The Shade Room and commented, “Ion like how they keep trying to come for @asiandabrat when y’all wasn’t doing none of this when he was alive. Y’all respected Asian. This is crazy and not cool.”

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