Akbar V Shares Her Opinion About The Current State Of Female

While it may seem like the female rappers have had the game on lock and have been dominating everything from the blogs, the music charts and have been snatching up all the awards, not everyone is pleased. The always vocal rapper, CupcakKe gave her opinion yesterday about the state of female rap and per usual had everyone voicing their opinion, including the self-proclaimed “Queen Of Atlanta,” Akbar V. CupcakKe tweeted, “If I’m being honest with y’all, female rap is really boring to me right now.”

Akbar wasted no time by tweeting her two cents. See below.

When it comes to the topic of rappers pushing their pens, the Roommates were quick to point out Nicki Minaj in the comments. Nicki has let it be known for years that she always writes her own music after it was rumored that Safaree was behind her lyrics. One commented, “Nicki write her own stuff… That’s all that matters.”

Paying homage is something that Akbar does, and she stands 10 toes down for Nicki. Seemingly today, she responded to the backlash from commenters about her music and reposted a comment on her page from Nicki herself, about the rap industry.


Sis had time to today because she kept on showing Nicki love and doubled down again about female rappers. Akbar tweeted, “Every time @NICKIMINAJ leaves us, y’all start panicking. That alone let me know y’all don’t have faith in these other rap bi***es. Me neither I miss the Queen Of Rap, she who I look up to she inspired me along with a lot of 90’s rappers … my time coming though.”

Roomies, do y’all think Akbar should keep her opinion to herself, or do y’all feel where she’s coming from?

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