Ahmaud Arbery Suspect Wants Jail Release For High Blood Pressure, His Attorney Suggests He’s Being Punished Even Though He Did The ‘Right Thing’ (Exclusive Details) – The Shade Room

TSR Exclusive Details: For the third time since being charged in the death of Ahmaud Arbery, William “Roddie” Bryan is requesting he be released from jail while awaiting trial due to his blood pressure being uncontrollably high, according to a document filed in Glynn County Superior Court.

Bryan wants a release on humanitarian grounds because his blood pressure was 190/100 as recently as December 30th, despite getting treated by the Glynn County Detention Center, according to the docs. His attorney thinks that’s enough of a reason for a judge to grant him a second bond hearing as he and his alleged accomplices–Gregory and Travis McMichael–remain in jail.

All three men were charged with murder in Ahmaud’s death and if you remember, Bryan was the one who videotaped Ahmaud’s attack, which is precisely the reason why his attorney thinks he should be regarded as one of the good guys. In the docs, his attorney even refers to Bryan as “the least culpable person” charged in any of these high profile, racially charged cases.

Bryan’s attorney suggests that Bryan is being punished for doing the “right thing.” “As they say, no good deed goes unpunished. Without Roddy Bryan, as the body cameras and other evidence make clear, many details with respect to the tragic shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery would have been lost forever. Instead of acknowledging that Mr. Bryan did the right thing on the day in question, and in the days and months that followed — fully cooperating with law enforcement so that justice could be determined (whatever that may look like) — the State of Georgia continues with each passing day that he is denied bond to inflict further injustice upon him.”

The urgency to get Bryan out of jail is focused on his blood pressure issue. “Assuming he survives long enough to have a trial, Mr. Bryan’s ability to attend, follow along and participate meaningfully in his own trial would be greatly impaired if this issue is not addressed,” the request said.

Keep in mind, Bryan, who is accused of jumping in his truck on February 23, 2020, and joining the McMichaels to chase Ahmaud, is also staring down a child molestation case, according to officials.

We’ll keep you posted on any updates in Ahmaud Arbery’s case.

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