10 2022 Movies That Audiences Liked Much More Than Critics (Based On Rotten Tomatoes’ Scores)

Sometimes after watching a movie, I will go to Rotten Tomatoes and check to see if the film is certified fresh or rotten in the eyes of critics. Though my own opinions mostly line up with those of the reviewers the website views as experts, there are times where they couldn’t be more opposite. This happened with the release of The Gray Man, a movie I actually liked, but critics, for the most part, did not. I wasn’t alone in this, as there was nearly a 50-point difference in the critical and audience scores.

This has also been the case for a large number of 2022 movies released so far, including Bullet Train, which had a big gap between critics and audiences. While we won’t be breaking down the new Brad Pitt action movie just yet, there are several other movies of note that just have to be discussed. Let’s get into it now…

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Where The Crawdads Sing – 33% Critic Score; 96% Audience Score

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