Sustaining curiosity, collaboration, and connectedness in a pandemic

Real-time polling, original instructional videos, virtual conferences, and live on-screen annotation are just a few new skills teacher Jonathan Delgado is adding to his teaching toolkit this school year.

When Delgado begins his high school Spanish class at The Village School each day, he’s learning to manage many new things simultaneously in this year’s hybrid learning environment. With some students on campus and others at home, his classroom looks a lot different. He starts the Zoom meeting and welcomes students as they enter his classroom, whether it’s with a physical elbow bump or a wave on the monitor. He then shares his computer screen so everyone has access to the instructions as he splits students into small groups and fields questions from raised hands and in the online chat box.

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Regardless of how your school responds to COVID-19, teachers and students are at the heart of it all. One of the most valuable lessons we can learn during these times is how we think beyond a traditional education to transform learning. What are some ways teachers are ensuring meaningful student engagement in this new era of digital and mobile learning?

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