Supporting students with reading challenges during COVID

It’s been said a million times: COVID-19 delivered a school year like no other. The challenges of an abrupt shift to virtual and hybrid instruction shed light on socio-economic disparities, the struggle for internet and device access, and the difficulties in getting resources to students with special needs.

A new survey of more than 800 teachers reveals how teachers of students with reading challenges such as dyslexia, cerebral palsy, and low vision encountered even more challenges as they searched for unique and innovative ways to support learning for these students. The survey comes from nonprofit ebook library Bookshare.

Just 47 percent of surveyed teachers said their students with reading challenges were able to adequately read and learn. When they are able to read and learn, factors such as support from parents or caregivers (69 percent), support from teachers and the school administration (67 percent), access to home internet (77 percent), access to technology resources (79 percent), and access to books in the format students need (75 percent) contribute to students’ ability to learn.

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