Onwards and upwards: How one district not only survived, but thrived, through the pandemic

Every district obviously had struggles during this past year. But for Chattahoochee County School District, a small, rural community in Southwest Georgia, it was also a time to automate and accelerate.

In this episode of Innovations in Education, Superintendent Kristie Brooks, Ed.D., describes how they were able to grow their student body, provide improved personal and professional development, and change some pre-pandemic practices like attendance for the better.

This conversation has been edited for clarity.

eSN: Glad THAT year is over right? How does it feel to be focused on the fall?

KB: Definitely light at the end of the tunnel! And we definitely feel that sense of energy, not only in our school building, but in our communities.

eSN: What were some of the takeaways from last year’s experience?

KB: We were already working on a one-to-one device movement, but obviously the pandemic spurred it on greatly. What we’ve seen from our teachers is it wasn’t about devices. I mean, that’s just a school supply. As we started last year, and then of course, as we ended this year, we watched how our teachers took the new tools and practices, particularly Google Classroom, and used their platform as a one-stop shop for students to be able to have constant feedback and communication. It really just opened everyone’s eyes to how we can educate and how we can give feedback and how we can bring in student voice.

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