How two districts keep pivoting as COVID evolves

COVID changed education–there’s no disputing this fact. Some changes were major and immediate, while others were gradual as educators figured out how to make virtual and hybrid learning work for students, families, and school staff.

During CoSN’s virtual 2021 conference, two school district administrators shared the lessons they’ve learned–and continue to learn–during the COVID pandemic.

Moderated by Tara Anderson, Business Development Manager at Amazon Web Services (AWS), Steve Langford, CIO of Beaverton ISD, and Cynthia Hansen, System Administrator at Northside ISD, discussed their experiences and their vision of where education may head post-COVID.

What is one thing you did in 2020 that you never thought you’d be able to achieve?

Langford: There are so many things about the pandemic that could be top-of-mind for us. One of the things that we thought was impossible prior to 2020 was supporting students remotely. For years we were talking about how to build out that remote structure, and for years we heard it wasn’t possible with the constraints and resources we had. Literally within about 4-5 days, we went from concept to fully-online for a student support system. It was messy, because it was in 5 days, but it really was an example of where the pandemic forced us out of old thinking around constraints. We moved from “it’s not possible” to “OK, it’s not possible, but how are we going to do it anyway?”

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