Digital tools prove critical for early learners during COVID

For early learners, nothing beats in-class learning. Having a teacher in close proximity to assess the needs of their students is critical for growth.

2020 threw a wrench in that format, forcing students and teachers to communicate digitally. While the year was disruptive on many levels, educators found ways to persevere. After all, sitting by idly and missing time to shape future generations simply was not an option.

For all the pandemic is and was, it has forced positive growth, flexibility, adaptability, and innovation. Still, it has been tough on teachers and their students.

“One of the biggest challenges is not being able to be right next to my students, observe, help, and better support them. For kindergartners, this is their first experience at school,” says Evelyn McEntee, a kindergarten teacher in Pennsylvania. “They tend to get frustrated at this young age, and it breaks my heart. I can’t just jump through the screen and help them hold a pencil correctly. But I also think it is teaching them to do things for themselves. They are learning these important life skills they wouldn’t normally get.”

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