5 strategies to get the most for your used Apple devices

When school districts refresh their fleet of used Apple devices, they often sell back those used devices to a buyback company. These companies decide what they will pay for a device based predominantly on the age and condition of devices.

However, there are several steps that districts can take to boost the payout of most devices—even those that are badly damaged.

Here are a few insider tricks to get the most for your used Apple devices:

Refresh devices off-peak. There’s a reason airfare spikes around the holidays: everyone wants to travel and there are a limited number of seats. The same is true for device sellbacks. Most districts like to sell devices during the summer when students don’t need the devices. This creates a glut of used iPads on the market, and lower buyback prices. A better strategy is to refresh devices when demand for used Apple devices and technology is high and the supply is low. This tends to be in the fall, when buyback companies are looking for devices they can refurbish and sell to meet the demand of holiday buyers.

Fall also is when Apple announces plans to ship its new generations of devices. Once this happens, older generations lose some value on the resale market, so buyback companies will pay less for these devices.

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