4 tips to make hybrid learning less overwhelming

Let’s face it: pandemic learning is stressful and exhausting.

There is truly no getting away from the fact that trying to engage in any activity that requires maximum brain activity (ahem: teaching and learning) is extra hard while we are trying to survive any kind of trauma. So it is imperative that we come up with ways to lighten our mental load in order to survive, much less thrive.

The news is reporting that teachers are not OK. Part of this comes from districts who were not willing to accept the reality that being consistently virtual is better in the long run than trying and failing at reopening for in-person instruction. Consequently, too many teachers have been put in the position of having to toggle back and forth between full in-person and full remote or even harder to manage hybrid learning where they are teaching kids both in-person and remotely, sometimes in the same day.

Here are some tips that you can use to make the whole hybrid learning process less overwhelming.

1. Record your in-person lessons.

Set up a computer or, if you have the hardware, a camera attached to your computer at the back of the room. Just before starting your in-person lesson, start a Zoom meeting and record your lesson. Be sure to focus on your smartboard or whiteboard- wherever you are standing.

About the Author:

Meredith Kaunitz is Chief Education Officer of Art Play Learn, an education services company that solves education problems. With her almost 28 years of teaching experience, combined with copious self-education in Neurology, Cognitive Psychology, Learning Science and Motivational Psychology, she has developed 13 remote learning courses with 5-star ratings and a waiting list for all of them. She enjoys sharing her discoveries with other teachers and administrators through several professional development platforms.

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