3 tips to engage students in math feedback during remote or hybrid learning

Students submit work, teachers grade work, we move on. Sound like what happens in classrooms? Mine neither. However, when we transitioned to remote learning I found myself falling into this cycle. The consequences were obvious immediately–student work deteriorated.

I quickly had to figure out–how could I incorporate the feedback cycle that was so effective in my classroom but online?

I made a few tweaks to ensure students were engaging with that feedback that I think you can learn from:

1. Find a way to see student work during class time

In my classroom, I use EdLight to collect images of student work in the moment. Students submit photos of their work using their Chromebooks towards the end of class. I prefer collecting work during class because I’m more likely to get students to submit than if I asked for them to submit it asynchronously. I think it’s so important to have a point in class where students show me their work so they are held accountable for the standard.

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