10 online music education tools

A year into virtual and hybrid learning, it’s evident that some subjects lend themselves to an online format easier than others. And while music education seems as if it would require a decidedly in-person approach, well, think again.

Online tools for music education have skyrocketed in recent years, and they continue to be essential in helping music educators connect with students of all ages, especially during COVID.

The fall holds a bit of uncertainty, but it’s likely virtual learning will remain an option in the event of a COVID outbreak or as a way for physically absent students to still attend class, making these online music education tools pretty valuable.

Many of these resources are bound to be helpful to students over the summer months, offering extra practice or reinforcement for those who want to keep their skills sharp.

1. Moosiko gives K-12 guitar teachers an online practice tool to boost student motivation and make assessment easy. Students can choose from over 220 modern, fun songs and play along at their own pace resulting in higher engagement at home and in the classroom. Motivation is the top driver of success for learning a new instrument.

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