10 new edtech tools to power teaching and learning

Instead of the usual hustle and bustle through bright and crowded exhibit hall aisles, trade shows kept exhibitors and attendees at home this year and took a virtual approach to showcasing new edtech tools and trends.

During FETC and TCEA in late January and early February, virtual attendees attended presentations and engaging keynotes–and also had the chance to explore the online exhibit hall full of new edtech tools, products, and solutions to help educators as COVID learning approaches its one-year mark.

Whether students are virtual, hybrid, or back to some semblance of normal in their physical classrooms, here are a few edtech tools that might help their learning experience:

BenQ, provider of visual display and collaboration solutions, demonstrated its future-ready solutions that enable brighter futures at the virtual TCEA 2021. BenQ showcased the new budget-friendly, feature-packed, and proven-secure InstaShow WDC20E wireless presentation system specifically designed for classrooms as well as the world’s healthiest, cloud-based RP02 Series interactive flat panel and the zero-maintenance LU/LH Series BlueCore laser classroom projectors.

Curriculum Associates highlighted new updates to i-Ready, which is used by more than 8 million students nationwide. In the last year alone, the company has made more than 100 new enhancements to the online program–including adding more than 170 new reading and math lessons and 160-plus lessons in Spanish. The product also added key features to support educators working through the pandemic: a prerequisite mathematics report for Grades 1–8, reading resources for Grades 3–8 to help teachers scaffold student comprehension, an Online Educator Learning platform, and tools for at-home assessment–all to provide deeper insights for teachers and offer guidance and tools to support learning, whether it takes place at home, at school, or both.

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