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41 Year Old Dad From Maryland Shares His *REAL LIFE*Sexual Experiment That Makes Wives Crave Sex

“The SSP Seduction System
Reveals The REAL Secrets To Making Ordinary Boring Excuse-Giving Wives Thirst ForHot Passionate Sex LikeMouth Watering Nymphos!”

<< This Works Every Single Time. >>

(It’s easy.)(It’s powerful.)
(You will not find this information anywhere else on the planet.)
If you are skeptical, I understand. In fact I can’t imagine why any man would not be skeptical. No need to worry – keep reading to see the RAW PROOF.

The internet can be evil and cruel in very subtle ways…If you’re subscribed to my newsletter, then you probably heard this story before…

So I looked online for answers, I noticed people were suggesting all sorts of things such as:

It became obvious that people must get some sort of kick out of giving advice even though they’ve never solved the problem before…

From my perspective, I just wanted to learn something that works…
Meaning, “I follow the advice ==> I can tell that she wants to have sex (and not just “agreeing” to have sex) ==> We have passionate sex ==> I say to myself, ‘Ok. I found something works.’)

For me, I’m not an expert. I’m not a writer. I never had a dream of writing a book.
Btw….I wasn’t ACTUALLY trying to turn my lovely lady into some sort of
super nympho that wants sex 10 times a day.

And I believed something weird and crazy:

That it was possible to have great sex year after year!
And decade after decade.

This lead me on a journey…

And it all started with what I now call: The Ice Cream Concept.

The Ice Cream concept lead to me “thinking differently” ==> And that lead to me “doing things differently” ==> And that lead to me getting her to crave sex (more often) in a very easy and logical way.

Before I explain what The Ice Cream Concept is, let me share a few emails that I received from people who followed my controversial tips and secrets (because I decided to do some things that were the opposite of what the experts were suggesting)…

Here Are Some *REAL* Success Stories…

Hi, CR
Thanks for getting back with me. I understand that you must get hundreds of emails from men and women just like me who are turning their relationships around.

There are a few things I’ve been wanting to write about. I am a high school teacher so I know that if you are able to change lives (even 1 life) for the positive that the gratification you receive from knowing what you’ve done is immeasurable.
So, I feel obligated to write you.

I found my way to your website after learning something that devistated me beyond anything imaginable!

After 2 days of pulling my hair out and trying to figure out why she was an emotional wreck, she admitted to me that she realized our sexual problems we had been facing were because she loved me but wasn’t physically attracted to me.
I’ve never been hit with anything so hard in my life!

Failure in our marriage was no option.

Without a doubt, I can tell that I have built back up that attraction that we had when we were first together.

Things are better sexually than ever before and neither of us continue to be frustrated with this matter.

I want to THANK YOU with the utmost sincerity and tell you that I don’t want to think about where I (and my marriage) would be without your knowledge and taking the time to write it down.

I continue to look forward and I wait with great anticipation for each new email that you send.

Better Information = Better ResultsIf She Consistently Turns You Down For Sex,
You Need To Put “Better Information” Inside of Your Brain.

There are lots of husbands (and boyfriends) out there that get their women turned on with ease.
They’re not super humans.
They don’t have 3 brains inside their head.
They have “one brain”.
The difference is the “information” inside their brain.Let’s talk about the Ice Cream Concept.
In order to mentally digest the Ice Cream Concept, you have to remember one “simple memory”…

And it’s this: When you were a young teen, a girl lifting up her shirt and showing you her boobs was enough to get you aroused.
In fact, let’s be blunt: It could even get you ROCK HARD in a matter of seconds!

That’s because it’s a new experience. It’s very stimulating to see, touch, taste boobs for the first time in your life.
As time went on (as you became a man) those things are NOT ENOUGH to get your fully aroused.
Of course (as a man), you still love to see a beautiful naked women, but a girlfriend/wife would need to DO MORE to spark arousal.
(Do you see where I’m going with? LOL)
But to make it even more clear – a woman would need to do MORE because you’ve now seen (in real-life, pictures, online and videos) a naked pair of boobs a ga-zillion times.
It is far from a new experience.
That means – if your horny wife/girlfriend (of today) lifted up her shirt (to expose her breasts), it’s not going to be ENOUGH to get you “fully erect and thirsty for sex”…
(On a progress par level: It won’t take you from 0% to 100%)
(Maybe 0% to 5%…or 15%…or something like that….which it’s still EFFECTIVE… but it’s not a COMPLETE STRATEGY to get you aroused.) 
I use that as an analogy because some guys will actually get angry at their wives for not getting aroused… even though they’re using NUMB SIGNALS.
The guy is doing stuff that got his high school girlfriend horny, while thinking that it should STILL WORK on his adult female partner.
Do you see the comparison?

She. Can. Still. Get. Super. Horny. If. You. Do. The. Right. Stuff.
Let that sink in.Your goal is not ==> to get her to agree to having sex (as she yawns and says, “sure…let’s have sex. Let’s hurry up and get it over with.”Your goal is ==>  to do stuff that gets her sexually aroused (or horny) (or in temporary “nympho mood”).Your goal is ==> to unlock her inner nympho!
You’re probably doing the “male version” of boob flashing and expecting her to get suuuuper wet and horny.
Quiz: What is your current game plan for getting her super horny?
Hopefully, your answer isn’t: “Sorry CR James. I don’t have a game plan” or “All I do is ask her if she wants to have sex….isn’t that good enough?”
It’s not.
But it can still be “super simple” if you put the RIGHT INFORMATION in your brain
Keep it simple by following my logical approach.
I’m a former Signal Processing Engineering specialist for the US Amy. I created over 100 algorithms for processing time-domain signals (using Fast Fourier Transforms and all that kinda stuff).”If you want more sex. Then simply, create sexual URGES more often.”
Once you understand that, then it’s simple as pie. You’ll be able to create:


Complete Urge Creation = Taking her from 0% to 20% then to 50% then to 75% then to 100%.
99.999% of the guys on this planet do not know about this book.

99.999% of the guys on this planet will go their whole lives without ever reading this valuable website.
99.999% of the guys on this planet will just ‘ask the woman for sex’ as if that is a smart plan for taking her from 0% to 100%.
Damn… I’m using a lot of percentages right now. 
Let’s look at the facts…
No one on earth walks around fully aroused 100% of the time!
Men don’t have erect cocks 100% of the time.
Women don’t have wet vaginas 100% of the time.Something has to SPARK arousal.

There are some guys who say: “Oh my partner is really shy. She REALLY doesn’t like sex.” And then later he’ll discover just how often she masturbates.
Another guy will say:

“Oh my wife is different. She doesn’t like to do it that often.”
And then when the relationship is over, he’ll discover that she is constantly screwing her new boyfriend like mad-crazy nympho!!!

And the reason is simple: The new guy will know exactly how to spark her arousal more often.
He’s not (metaphorically) doing “boob-showing” tactics that aren’t effective anymore.

Whether he realizes it or not, he’s doing:


The “fun secret” is that everyone has created an urge in someone before!
And horniness is just an URGE (that’s all).

And we create urges in others everyday!
To really make this perspective sparkling clear, think about the following (Ice Cream) example for a second:

Ok finally here it is: Imagine a situation where a guy took his two young daughters into the ice cream store. And then he had them pick out their favorite ice cream. Then he had them pick out their favorite toppings. But he only ended up buying one of the daughters some ice cream as he walked out of the store…

It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to realize that particular ‘sequence of events’ is going to make
the “ice cream-less” daughter crave some ice-cream.

Simply because she just went through a sequence of events (i.e. walking into the ice cream store –> picking out her favorite ice cream –> watching her sister get her ice cream paid for) that created a real [psychological-based] impression on her.

That sequence of events built a predictable expectation for pleasure – which created an URGE.

On the flipside: If her dad never made the decision to drive to the ice cream shop, that URGE would have never taken place.

As you can see, URGE CREATION IS EASY to do when you understand how to:

Create A Predictable
Psychological Context

And it’s not as difficult as most people make it out to be.

And the main point is to just remember “one time” in the past when she was extremely aroused or more excited than normal.Start with that one memory.

You see, the more you think about that, the more you’ll realize that you (knowingly or unknowingly) have already done 90% of the hard work!

If you’re able to break down the components of what made her aroused in those situations ==> And then make it a plan to DO THAT STUFF more often (The Law of Increasing The Density of Impact), then you should be able to see at least a SMALL IMPROVEMENT.
You would have already started the journey.
And quite honestly, it’s possible that you might not even need to read Super Seduction Power (if that fixes everything)…
You see, there are over 30 sneaky lessons and secrets in Super Seduction Power!
And you’ll quickly realize that I deeply care about helping you and it’s why I appeal to what makes sense to you.
It’s the reason why I encourage my students to email me if they’re confused.
To get back on track….The Law of Increasing The Density is one of my favorite concepts because it forces you to realize that it’s ACTUALLY possible to get her to crave sex more often.

You just need to apply better URGE CREATION
tactics — more often.

If that makes sense (even a little bit), then allow me to teach you a bunch of secrets that has worked for me and hundreds of other guys.

It has taken me years of hard work, analyzing, testing, tweaking, and experimenting to create this system that you can use/learn/reference for the rest of your life.
Here’s what you can expect to learn (just so it’s clear)…

Here’s Exactly What You Will Learn Today

You will discover my 5 step-by-step blueprint to getting a woman sexually aroused. Most guys focus on ‘convincing’ her to have sex. Convincing her to have sex is not the same as getting her to (emotionally) CRAVE SEX. You’ll learn how to bring out her “inner nympho”.

You could make her go wild tonight because every woman is wired to become junkie-addicted to sex! You just need to know how to press the right buttons.

It’s all about URGE CREATION.
It’s simple. 

A woman’s brain is WIRED to become addicted to things.

 You will learn the 7 Deadly Anti-seductive Traits. Statistically, you are doing at least 2 of these every single day – and you don’t even realize it.

And if you are, believe it or not, you’re actually training her to HATE SEX.

There’s a reason why a “bad sex life” keeps getting worse.

 You will discover the 4 things that you MUST do before initiating sex with her. If you don’t do these 4 things, she could end up rejecting you automatically – even if she is horny.  You will learn the 8 States of Mind where women are highly motivated to have to sex. This is powerful because you will not find this anywhere else.

You’re going to learn exactly how to secretly get her into these mind states and she won’t even realize how it happened.

Let’s face it, you needed this information 4 months ago.

And if you’re excited to learn, then I’m just as excited to share…

So you might as well order it now (if you’re interested in starting this journey quickly).

And once you have entered in your credit card information, all you have to do is wait about 30-60 seconds and your download link will be emailed to you.

I would advise you to start reading it immediately.

(Scroll down to see if there are any copies left)

BUT WAIT… That’s Not All…
You’re Also Going To Get…

Super Bonus #3:The 7 Ways To Increase The Frequency:
Get Her In The Mood MORE OFTEN

*Get Your Copy Before It Is SOLD OUT

Recap: Here’s Exactly What You’re Going To Get

*Get Your Copy Before It Is SOLD OUT

Instructor CR JamesSexual Relationship StrategistAuthor and Creator of:Super Seduction Power: The 8 SSP Secrets to Getting Women Turned On ™P.S. If you have that intense desire to get a copy of Super Seduction Power, then you’re going to get it eventually, so you might as well get it today.P.P.S. You have nothing to lose with our no-hassle, 60 day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the course for any reason, then you will get an instant refund as if the transaction never happened.

P.P.P.S. Better Information = Better ResultsEven if the sex life is good and you want it to be better, You Need To Put “Better Information” Inside of Your Brain.

There are lots of husbands (and boyfriends) out there that get their women turned on with ease.
They’re not super humans.
They don’t have 3 brains inside their head.
They have “one brain”.
The difference is the “information” inside their brain.Just Try It Out

Here are some more emails from raving fans and happy customers

“I am a therapist and your material
has been very beneficial to my clients…”

Very fascinating that you understand so well how a woman works I have a suspicion you are a woman or have been one before! 🙂

I am a therapist and your material has been very beneficial to my clients but I need help too!!

In a relationship that goes through some difficulty where the man then loses his sexual value, do you think he is able to regain it? Yes I am talking about my relationship.

I am generally horny but I stop myself from giving in to his advances.

Miss “J”
Professional Therapist

SIDE NOTE: After several email conversations, this lady still refuses to give me a commission. lol.

All testimonials are 100% real and unsolicited.

“That was the best cash I’ve ever paypal’d anyone in years!”

Your pdf files are amazing dude!

That was the best cash I’ve ever paypal’d anyone in years! Plus you keep sending me more stuff in my mail box [that only customers know about] and its loaded with awesome ideas.

I have been using your techniques for only a few weeks and omg the results have been SUBSTANTIAL!

Thank you so much for being such a cool guy to share this info. I can’t believe how blind I was without it.

All testimonials are 100% real and unsolicited.

Here’s a guy who used the
SSP Seduction System as a single guy

Hi CR James,
I have to admit the transformation in me was almost instant after reading
some of your e-books, especially [SSP]. It was like a revelation.I wish I got all this info 20 years ago.
It’s funny, I went on a date with very attractive girl before I read your book and when I called her back next day she said to me that I am a very nice guy but we can be only friends.
Next day, I bought your e-books and read some of them thoroughly in two
days. After that I invited her on a date again and applied all this stuff I
learned from your book.She became drawn to me, dropped her boyfriend and now I am her new boyfriend.
It was magic.
By the way, I live in US but I am originally from russia and for years had this stupid idea to attract american girls which has never worked. I was intentionally ignoring russian girls that live in US. I wasted so much time on this stupid idea that I finally became total sissy after hundreds of rejections.
Your book completely snaped me out of “tranced” condition and I am back to the younger confident myself. Now I have a policy though: no more american girls and I will be dating only russian girls.
Thank you man!

All testimonials are 100% real and unsolicited.

Once you bring out her inner nympho the first time,
you’re going to wish you knew these tactics 10 years ago!

On March 12: This guy had trouble downloading the file after he paid for it.

After purchasing the SSP book I saved the files from the below link to my PC but when attempting to open the PDFs I get an error message “There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired.”

Is this something you can help me with?


On March 16 [4 days later] He confesses to be at “rock bottom” and he is nervous about whether SSP will REALLY work for him
(BTW: Many guys through that phase because there is so much garbage advice out there.)

Thanks a lot for the bonus report. I had read about it on one of your webpages outlining your books and reports and I can’t wait to get into it. I’m starting on your main [Super Sex Power] book now after twice.

If you are interested in hearing about my progress I’ll let you know.

Am at rock bottom at the moment. In a 7-yr relationship, living together for about the same amount of time, will get married in due course. Last sex was [a long time ago].

Upon reading your first couple of reports realised my sexual value was at pretty much nought.

Had an opportunity for sex today that ended up in an argument with
me telling her I could tell that she wasn’t interested in sex and her telling me I didn’t get her excited enough for her to want to have sex.

It’s going to be a LONG night of reading and re-reading your stuff.


On March 19 [7 days later] He sent this email.

If you are interested to know, things have moved so fast.

I am absolutely hooked on your stuff!

Am about a quarter of the way thru your main SSP book and have been applying a few things.

Have been reading your book very slowly and carefully and going back over what I have read.

…she became freakin’ ravenous!

– During dinner asked me what my biggest sexual fantasy was and when I
told her she said yes she would enjoy it

– Proceeded to tell me she would do anything other than anal but
wanted to be tied up and taken

– After dinner she dragged me into the bedroom and gave me a blow job (first one since, sheesh, I can’t remember when!)

– We then went to the mall for a while, on the way there she tells me
we should hire some XXX DVDs from the video shop and watch them at the weekend (this after going ape-shit once after finding an old porn mag
I had stashed under a bookcase!)

– Got home and she shoves me down on the coach

– Then disappears into the bedroom and comes back with a draw full of
sex toys (that we hadn’t used since I can’t remember when)

– Jumps on top of me and rides herself silly

– Races off to the bedroom again and comes back with a pair of red
high-heeled shoes.

She puts these on as then that makes her the perfect height for her to bend herself over the arm of coach while I then have my way with her!

Lets say I’m now looking forward to the weekend.

All testimonials are 100% real and unsolicited.

Once you bring out her inner nympho the first time,
you’re going to wish you knew these tactics 10 years ago!

Take care & enjoy your day!

Warmest Regards,
CR James

P.S. Remember. I don’t consider myself an expert. I’m a regular guy who is passionate about helping guys. I’m an Orioles fan. A Ravens fan. Boxing fan. I’m deeply passionate about help guys get more sex because it would make the world a better place if more couples had sex…and if more single guys knew what it takes to “attract women”.
Email: [email protected]
P.P.S. In life, you’re going to run into 3 types of advice (from friends, parents, books, etc.)

Read His 3 Day Seduction Diary

Here’s my story for those who don’t believe this works.
I never wrote a testimonial till now!
I’m single and was looking at seduction methods hoping to improve my chances of meeting more women as well as getting more sex.
When you are 39 it doesn’t happen often.
I decided to try your methods on my next date.
I only read the course once and was really HALF ASS applying your methods.
Date 1: I laid some easy ground work.
Date 2: She’s more than interested she wants some but I decided to build more points just a little more to see what happens, well by….
Date 3: I was EMBARRASSED as we were in public.She was all over me!

…so much so that we had to leave 20 minutes into the date back to my place of course… once in the door she’s on the couch NAKED!

…and well you can guess the rest.If I had video of this hot blonde basically trying to have sex in a public place …you would swear it was staged…
That’s how crazy she was for me. I just wanted to say thank you CR James asit’s been a long time since any woman has wanted me that bad…
and getting her so hot that she initiated everything was great for the both of us.
I’m gonna reread the course and study it more this time. It’s almost scary but in a good way.BEST MONEY I EVER SPENT !!!!
Thank you,[Keith]

All testimonials are 100% real and unsolicited.

You Could Have Used These Tactics A Year Ago!

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Click here to get Seduce Women Using SSP Techniques at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Seduce Women Using SSP Techniques is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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